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With Island Paradise now released, it seems there's a bit of a shortage where nautical art is concerned and so I thought I'd fix that.

This is a set of 6 nautical prints on an aikea-guinea mesh. 

Zipfile includes preview images, package file and sims3pack. Download @ Mediafire. Enjoy.

More to come soon.

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Dedicated to one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of "meeting" over on tumblr, I bring you the Simmysimsam? ;-)


Jan. 1st, 2013 08:21 pm
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Happy New Year to all! May 2013 be all that you desire! :-)

I built this chapel as a wedding venue for my own version of Johnnywr's gorgeous world Matkooskee and was asked to share so nicely that I couldn't possibly refuse.

This lot comes completely unfurnished. There's a tiny bit of landscaping at the front but that's it. A shell, if you like. You're more than welcome to pour your own creativity into it and put your very own original stamp on it.
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I built this one for myself but I thought maybe someone else might find some use for it. It's a complete and utter shell. No interior walls or decoration. Just black floors and black walls as I intend to use it as a rabbithole.

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I set myself the challenge of building and decorating a house without including a single piece of custom content. After several panic attacks and "ohmygod, what have I started" moments, I bring you 574 Ormond Street.

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I needed some artwork for an as-yet-still-unfinished flowershop I was working on and this is the resulting set. I hope they can be of use of someone else too. Enjoy :-) (It's been a while since I've done this so if something doesn't work, feel free to holler at me.)
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My last offering of the year and I'm really sorry to say that yes, it is a nursery set once again. Sincere apologies. I swear I'm not at all broody though the sims I'm currently playing are. A bit too much. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy and I promise there will be other stuff next year :-)

This set comes in 4 different sizes as I started with the biggest one which may be way too large for most people so I thought I'd offer some variety.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May 2012 bring you all you wish for. See you in 2012! :-)

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I was actually looking for something completely different when I stumbled upon these and they were just too cute to pass up. I hope you like them. Enjoy! :-)

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To celebrate my new blog, I created a new set of paintings. When I saw these, I just knew I had to use them. I hope you like them as much as I do. And I promise some day soon I'll do something that's not necessarily nursery related ;-)

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I built this modern house, my dear friend Kementari at SIMplicity decorated it and we thought we'd share it with you. More pictures, information and download over here. Enjoy!


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